What Is Open Minds?

Open Minds is a therapeutic support project aimed at Service Users aged 16-65 who currently reside at our residential hostels at Luton Community Housing, Mary Seacole Housing Association and Signposts.

What we offer

The Open Minds service supports residents experiencing depression, anxiety, stress or trauma by providing Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) and other types of therapies. The sessions can be either one-to-one or in group sessions.

Open Minds also supports service users who have other difficulties. For example socialising, phobias, obsessive behaviour, post-traumatic stress disorder and problems with relationships or family. These or other psychological issues can hold people back and prevent them reaching their full potential.

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Now, instead of trying to deal with these issues alone, you can reach out and talk to a professional – someone who can offer support, encouragement and a few good ideas. That's what we are here for. Open Minds is a place you can turn to in such a situation.

Open Minds can offer group workshops and Skype/telephone based therapy sessions if needed, please contact us to discuss.

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How to reach us

All sessions are free of charge. Hostel key workers/Coaches are aware of the Open Minds service and they can support your referral process, so speak to your key worker/coaches today. Or you can contact us directly to book an appointment.

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