Success Stories

What our clients have to say about us

Testimonial 1
“I used to feel scared, nervous, anxious and panicky when I used to go out on my own especially busy places. I felt nervous about coming to Shayra at the beginning.  I learned that not everyone is going to attack or hit, also bad things will not happen to me. I could do it and it was all in my head. Therapy changed my thoughts and attitudes and I don’t feel nervous or anxious anymore when I go out. I feel good and empowered.”

Testimonial 2
“I believe that Open Minds was made for clients like myself. Every day I would do my absolute best to get on with my day without having to face my issues head on. In my mind, I thought I was okay and that I was coping, especially since I thought I had used all the tools I was aware of, to do exactly that. I was extremely cynical at first because I honestly felt that I couldn't be helped. That was until I had met Shayra.

She was easy to talk to and made me feel so much at ease. Talking to her enabled me to build upon my coping mechanisms by changing my thought process completely and I couldn't possibly be more grateful. Having attended my sessions, I feel different as a person, the burden that lay on my shoulders has been lifted and I can move forward with my life a stronger and happier person.”

Testimonial 3
“I arrived full of anxiety and worry. I thought I was handling it well with my coping strategies. I gained more tools at Open Minds, which enabled me to not be controlled by my worry or anxiety. I learnt to be active and more in-control which allowed me to overcome stressful situations and do things which I wouldn’t have done before.”

Testimonial 4
“Getting referred to Shayra for therapy was one of the best things that happened to me. In the sessions Shayra made me aware of how to understand my thoughts, emotions and behaviours. Also, how to use them for my positive advantages daily. One of the main things I learnt during sessions was how to use activities to better and lift my mood. She taught me how to deal with stress and ways of how to get out of low moods. Through our sessions Shayra taught me how to have a balance look in life. Also, how I can be aware of negative thoughts and how to eliminate them. I learnt a lot of new ways of going about my daily life and I will recommend this service to anyone who needs it.”